About Us

Nahadehay Dami Jahed Co. plays a role with the objective of penetrating the new technical knowledge of breeding, improving the quality of genetic resources and helping to supply the inputs required by the livestock industry and in line with the goals and tasks of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture.

Objectives and Missions

Nahadehay Dami Jahed Co. is affiliated to Jahad Esteghlal Institute of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and established on November 16, 1996.

Having specialized and experienced personnel, unique infrastructure and different and top races in the world, as well as representing the world’s reputable companies and the NAAB international code, this company is the most important and largest producer and supplier of genetic materials in the country and region.

The company also specializes in supplying the inputs required by the country’s livestock industry and importing and exporting various types of animal and poultry feed.

  • Preparation, production and distribution of foreign semen from the most reputable manufacturing companies

·        Preparation and supply of inputs for livestock and poultry

  • Preparation, production and distribution of liquid nitrogen

  • Production, freezing and storage of semen and transfer of selected livestock embryos

  • Providing equipment and supplies needed for livestock and poultry breeding programs

  • Preparation and distribution of various containers for transporting liquid nitrogen in different sizes

Download the catalog of imported genomic bulls in August 2019